Sewer Camera Inspection Naperville, IL

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A pipeline video inspection is also known as a sewer camera inspection and in Naperville, IL we can help. The process involves the use of a tiny video camera that is inserted into a pipeline and results in an accurate method of inspecting the inside of pipes. This is a particularly effective tool when used to locate damage to a sewer line.

At American Trenchless, our sewer camera inspection service is the way we diagnose any pipe problem you may have. The video camera we use can fit into pipes with diameters as small as 6-inches. These smaller pipes are typical of older construction and are usually made of cast iron, clay or a ceramic material. The length of the pipe sections can vary from 3 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet all the way up to 12 to 20 feet.

Camera inspections are basic to our non-destructing plumbing repairing. As opposed to traditional methods, we do not fill your yard or property with giant pieces of heavy equipment and dig it up until we locate the pipe and visually inspect it from the outside. A video inspection gives us eyes on the inside of the pipe being examined.

A lot of things can clog a sewer pipe. It could something simple as a grease clog, or an object that was accidentally flushed down the toilet. In any case, the inspection will tell us what we need to do to restore the sewer pipe’s flow back to normal.

We are located in Dekalb, but serve all locations around us, including Naperville. Especially for us who live in this area, making sure our sewer lines are in good shape is important. In June 2016 the DeKalb Sanitary District announced that for the following two years they would waive certain sewer and water connection fees. This was in response to slow growth in the community. The saving, according to DSD Department Head Dennis Collins would be about $1,400 – the sewer connection cost for a new single family home.

With several lots already zoned and ready for construction, they remain undeveloped and waiving the connection fees is viewed as a way to attract growth in the region. The DSD reasons that with fewer people moving and building residential properties there, the system is used less and revenues from service users also decline.

With a water and sewer system receiving less use, it can be a problem for your existing pipelines. This is why our plumbing team at American Trenchless is equipped to do sewer camera inspections in Naperville and surrounding area. Problems can develop underground long before signs of a break or leak become obvious. This makes video inspection a great preventative maintenance tool.

To schedule your video sewer inspection, call us at American Trenchless today. We will provide you with all the information you will need on how a camera inspection and trenchless sewer repairs can save you money. Call our DeKalb office at (844) 663-4484 for further details and pricing options.

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