Why Do I Need Sewer Camera Inspection?

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The best part about sewer systems is that they’re underground and out of sight. Ironically, that is also one of the worst parts about them. If we don’t see them, we’ll forget they’re there. So when your sewer pipes need maintenance, you may not notice until it’s too late.

It’s easy to convince yourself that your sewers are fine. As long as everything is going down your drains without a fuss, there’s no need to worry, right? But even when things aren’t draining properly, you might assume that some store bought drain cleaner will fix the issue.

But sewer lines aren’t always that accommodating.

How to Know What’s Inside Your Pipes

Hand in hand with sewer pipes being an afterthought comes the assumption that there’s no real way to check on the condition of your sewer pipes. If something is wrong, then surely you will know about it and have it handled by a professional, right?

What if we told you there was a way you could actually anticipate those problem causing pipes before something goes completely wrong? We’re willing to be you would prefer to know what’s going on under ground before it’s affecting you above ground.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Technology has really improved our quality of life. It’s made things like staying in touch with people and everyday tasks much easier. You may even be conveniently reading this on a device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Fortunately, the benefits of technology have also made sewer maintenance easier and more convenient for you.

Using what is called Sewer Camera Inspection (also known as Video Pipe Inspection), professionals can help you determine the health of your pipes before you’re dealing with a full-scale problem. The process is extremely simple. By creating a small access point at the start of your pipeline, a fiber optic camera is inserted into the pipeline and pushed through. During the entire process, images are transmitted to a monitor.

By using Sewer Camera Inspection to examine your pipes, you’re able to anticipate repairs instead of be surprised by them.

Why Do I Need a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The simple reason behind needing camera inspection is this: just because you cannot see your pipeline, does not mean everything is in the best condition it can be. To believe otherwise is foolish.

Over time, the condition of your sewer pipes will deteriorate. Some of the causes of that deterioration are unavoidable. There’s no cure for old age. Other causes are just as naturally occurring. Tree roots growing around pipes can actually grow through through them, causing cracks and holes in the pipes. Obstructions from all of the dirt and grime that is sent into drains can build up. Even store bought cleaners can cause your sewer pipes to corrode over time.

When left unattended to, damage and obstruction to sewer pipes pose bigger risks than a simple camera inspection. Obstructions and cracks can lead to sewage backups. With sewage backups you’re not only dealing with pipes that will need replacing; you’re also looking at health hazards from waste materials, mold growth in your home, and even rodent infestation from the sewer system. Contact American Trenchless Technologies today and let’s catch a small problem before it becomes a major headache!

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