How Trenchless Technology can Save Your Property in Arlington Heights?

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Sewer Line Repair

Having your sewer pipes fail could probably mean the end of a proper day, or worse, disrupt your weekend and all your carefully laid-out plans. When Arlington Heights homeowners find their sewer lines misbehaving, should they call on for trenchless technology to save their precious property?

Failing pipes were considered an absolute nightmare in the old days. This usually meant you had to call your office and file a leave of absence, call off your plans for the rest of the day (or for the week), and trying to live with the fact that digging up and excavating your property was the only way to have your sewer lines fixed. But not anymore!

Now, there are better ways to fix those ailing sewer pipes. You won’t have to accept the tearing up of your precious lawn. If residential and commercial owners wanted to see the conditions of their sewer pipes, or to have them repaired or fixed, all they need to do was to call a qualified technician for a sewer inspection or a trenchless repair or replacement. The no-dig solution is here and it is everything that traditional sewer line repair and replacement is not.

Not many people are aware of how trenchless technology can save their property if their sewer lines break. Opting for trenchless technology provides a lot of benefits, including saving time, money and preventing any unnecessary and destructive digging from happening. Here are the benefits in detail:

1. No More Mess

Homeowners can skip the process of having to hire contractors to dig up their yards and heavy machines and tools to tear up their properties. This means the driveway, the garden, the yard and the patio will be preserved as they are. The same goes for the walls and the flooring. Perhaps the most annoying thing about traditional sewer repairs and replacements is that they need access to the underground pipes in order to start the sewer line fix. Trenchless technology foregoes all of that tedious process. Moreover, you can leave it to the experts and go on with your day.

2. No Extra Costs and Damages

Be prepared to spend a few thousands dollars at least if your sewer lines start misbehaving and you opt in for traditional sewer repair methods. Days of seemingly endless digging and heavy machine operating will raise you and your neighbor’s blood pressure pretty quickly. And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to hire someone to put the landscape back to the way it was. Trenchless technology proves that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and give up precious days in your week to have your sewer lines repaired or replaced.

3. No Future Danger

The new material in a trenchless technology repair or replacement is seamless and it doesn’t have the weakness of old sewer pipe materials. Root intrusion, which is one of the most common causes of pipe repairs will not be a factor because the new pipes are jointless and seamless. Plus, the new pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and cracking, and are proven to last more than 50 years if properly installed.

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