When to Get a Video Pipe Inspection

Sewer cameraMany people do not think about the pipes that work underground to control the ins and outs of water and waste. It is taken for granted that your sewer lines will do as they need to. When a sink stops up repeatedly, your first impression is that you need to fix the sink. The average person doesn’t stop to think about the fact that it may be the sewer lines that are the problem. But if the problems persist, it may be recommended that you have your sewer lines inspected. When that happens, you should use Chicago video pipe inspection for the best assessment.

Constant Blockages

If you have blockages in sinks, drains, tubs and showers frequently, it probably isn’t your indoor plumbing. Instead of continuing to pay labor costs for a plumber to come out and temporarily fix your drain, you should contact us for Chicago video pipe inspection. It allows us to see inside your pipes and know what is really going on. If there is a problem, the inspection gives us all of the information we need to provide an estimate and determine the best method of pipe repair or replacement.

Buying a Home

If you are buying a home that is more than 40 years old you should have a Chicago video pipe inspection done before purchasing the home. You don’t want to get moved in and then discover that expensive pipe repair is required. Often underground sewer pipe problems are not evident upon a routine inspection of a home. Drains may flow free for a time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

If you get a Chicago video pipe inspection before you purchase the home you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the pipes are in good condition. If the pipes will need to be repaired or replaced, we can provide an estimate that you can use to bring the price of the house down, giving you the funds you need to make the repairs after purchase. If the cost is too high, you may decide to buy a different home.

How It Works

When you get a Chicago video pipe inspection, an access point at the beginning of the pipe is created. A fiber optic video camera is then run through the pipe, with a monitor of sorts remaining above ground for our qualified technicians to examine the pipe. Through this method we can see inside your pipes and know what is really going on. We can determine the age of the pipes, the materials used, and if there are any problems with flow or cracks in the pipe.

For more information or to receive a Chicago video pipe inspection, contact us today at (844) NO DIG 84.