Avoid Destructive Pipe Repair with Trenchless Lining

trenchess-pipe-lining-repair-example[1]One of the worst feelings in the world is when you realize that your underground pipes need to be repaired or replaced. Your first thought is probably the cost involved, but your second is likely about the damage it will cause to your yard and property. Traditionally repairing underground pipes is messy business. But with Chicago trenchless pipe lining all of that is in the past.

Two Methods

Chicago trenchless pipe lining refers to two different methods that can be used to repair or replace your underground pipes without building a trench. One method, the pull in place method, requires two small access points. The other method that can be used is the inversion method, in which only one access point is required.

Although both methods require some disruption of the landscape, they are much less invasive than traditional trench methods. A small access point or two is much easier and cheaper to maintain and repair than an entire trench through your yard.

Pull In Place Method

In the pull in place method of Chicago trenchless pipe lining, two access points are required. These are placed on either side of the problem area. The pipe is fed through one access point and pulled through the other. The lining fuses to the original pipe and creates a type of pipe within a pipe. The new pipe lining is guaranteed for ten years and has a life expectancy of 50 years from the manufacturer.

Inversion Method

In the inversion method only one access point is created. This is usually done when the pipe needing to be repaired is difficult to access on each side. When only one access point is possible, this method prevents the need for a trench. In this method of Chicago trenchless pipe lining, the epoxy lining is adhered to the lining of the pipe in a matter of seconds.

The best way to know which method of Chicago trenchless pipe lining is right for you, you should contact us for an assessment of your pipes. We will create a small access point and use high tech cameras to assess the damage to your pipes. We can examine the landscape around the pipes, and make a decision as to which method of repair will be the most cost effective and efficient.

Contact us today for more information about Chicago trenchless pipe lining. Appointments are available and flexible to work with your schedule. We strive to perform all repairs in a way that is the least disruptive to your family and home, and that includes our assessment and estimate practices. Contact us today at (844) NO DIG 84 for more information or to schedule your appointment.