Chicago CIPP Point Repair

Businesses and municipalities alike have recently lauded the benefits of Chicago CIPP point repair. This innovative process allows only small sections of large lines of sewer to be lined. It saves time and money otherwise spent on costly repairs or replacements of lines, and also saves the money and time needed to reline an entire length of sewer.

A business complex may have hundreds of feet of sewer lines. Locating the problem, while seemingly difficult, isn’t really the hard part. The hard part is figuring out how to replace or repair the section of sewer with little impact to the business complex and employees that work there. Sewer lines may run underneath parking garages, buildings or other structures, making the replacement even more difficult.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about replacing your sewer line and digging up a bunch of concrete and soil. Lining the sewer pipe can make it like new, and it is very cost effective. Not only is it cheaper than replacement, it also saves the cost of repairing the damage done from replacing the sewer line.

Chicago CIPP point repair takes the benefits a step further by allowing you to only repair one section of line at a time. It has been discovered that typically only about six percent of a line of sewer needs any repair at all. That six percent can make a big difference in functionality, but in reality it isn’t much at all. There is no need to go through the time and expense to line the entire sewer pipe system. Chicago CIPP point repair lines only the area of sewer that needs it the most.

Municipalities have also found this to be true. Many small towns and even cities have discovered that Chicago CIPP point repair makes more sense than other sewer repair or replacement methods. You can make your maintenance dollars stretch much further when you are only repairing one particular point in the sewer than if you are trying to line the whole thing. And, lining the pipe is so much less obtrusive than other repair methods. There is no disruption of traffic or daily life for residents.

Essentially, Chicago CIPP point repair uses manholes to help repair small sections of sewer. The new lining is pulled through from one manhole to the other, repairing just a small section of the sewer. This can be done with pipe as small as six inches or as large as 50 inches.

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