Chicago Air Duct Lining

Have you found the air quality in your home to be lacking? Are you suffering from more allergies, or perhaps there is a musty smell to the air coming from the vents? You probably need to have your air ducts serviced. While a simple cleaning may be sufficient for some homes, often older homes need a bit more love and care. For that you will need Chicago air duct lining services.

When you contact our company we will come out to your home and inspect all under slab air ducts using video camera technology. We send a camera in through your ducts with fiber optic cable to see exactly what is going on in your air ducts. If a simple cleaning can fix the problem, we’ll let you know. But if there are major problems with your air ducts, we may suggest Chicago air duct lining.

With Chicago air duct lining the air ducts are first cleaned by a professional. This allows the lining to bond to the air ducts successfully. At that point we will install an epoxy lining in the air ducts that basically makes them like new. It is like having brand new air ducts at a fraction of the cost.

After the ducts have been cleaned, Chicago air duct lining is installed by shooting the epoxy into the air ducts, or by a pull in place method. The lining is installed in a similar way as trenchless sewer repair. In the end, you have ducts within ducts, and your home’s ventilation system will work as it was intended.

This is a much better alternative to completely replacing or otherwise repairing your duct work. When air ducts are replaced it can cause problems with the design of the home. Other modifications may need to be made that can add up in cost and time. With Chicago air duct lining, you don’t have to worry about how it will work with your home’s design. The design and ducts are the same. They just function better and you won’t have the problems you have now.

The best part about Chicago air duct lining is that it only takes typically a day to complete. We are as unobtrusive as possible and will not disturb your family any more than necessary. Within as little as a day you can be breathing easier and you will never be able to tell we were ever there.

For more information, a video inspection and assessment, or an estimate, please contact us today at (844) NO DIG 84. We are ready, willing and waiting to help you restore good air quality to your home.