Trenchless Storm Drain Pipe Repair Arlington Heights, IL

Trenchless Storm Drain Pipe RepairHave you noticed any puddles forming in your yard even though it has not rained recently? If you answered yes to this question, there are two possibilities. One, if the puddles smell like raw sewage, chances are there is a break in your sewer line. Or two, if you do not notice a smell, and all you see is water accumulated, then you might be dealing with a storm drain issue. American Trenchless Technology can help you in either situation, but for now, we will focus on our trenchless storm drain pipe repair service.

Let us start by explaining what a storm drain is and what it does. A storm drain is a system of drains and large pipes that are buried in the ground around your property. Its purpose is to remove water from rainstorms and snowmelt, so you do not have to deal with it melting and possibly flooding your property.

Once the water is in the drains, it flows through the system of pipes until it reaches the main sewer line, which is buried under the street, or a retention pond that is located somewhere on or near the property. When the storm drain is working properly, you probably do not give it much thought. However, when a pipe within the system is broken, it will cause a big problem, which quickly can turn into a flood in your yard.

Watch for Flooding

Water flow needs to controlled. Otherwise, it will cause expensive trouble. Water causes mold damage, which slowly eats the surfaces, and it only gets worse the longer it goes unchecked. That is why if your storm drain is damaged you should take care of it as soon possible. This is the kind of problem that does not go away on its own. It will only get worse.

If you find yourself in this situation, then we highly suggest the trenchless storm drain pipe repair method. Most of the time, broken or deteriorated storm drainpipes can be rehabilitated within a day or two. This saves you a lot of money in labor and downtime if the problem occurs at your place of business. The process is fast, efficient, and affordable.

Trenchless Storm Drain Repair in Arlington Heights, IL

The way it works it by pulling a specially formulated lining into the pipe, which we then inflate. The next step is to cure the liner in place so it dries and forms a hard pipe within the existing pipe. This new pipe is as strong as PVC and it seals any cracks, breaks and weak spots. Unlike the traditional drainpipe repair method, there is very little excavation, trenching, or digging involved. In essence the pipe does not need to be physically exposed in order to repair it. It is a non-invasive procedure. You will not even need to fix the landscaping and hardscaping once the job is complete.

Contact us to learn more about our storm drain repair solutions. We can give you a free estimate or even a visit to your location, so you get a full assessment.