Trenchless Sewer Replacement DeKalb, IL

CIPPIf you’re currently experiencing a sewer line breakdown in your DeKalb, IL property, then now is the best time to consider trenchless technology. Innovations and technological advancements have opened better plumbing methods that present a no dig solution for both residential and commercial property owners looking for a better way to solve their sewer line issues.

Common Pipe Problems

A Trenchless Sewer Replacement DeKalb, IL may very well be your best option if you’re dealing with a serious sewer problem. Some of the more common signs include the following:

Corrosion. The general condition of the pipe has deteriorated. Weakened sections collapse and the pipe system falls at the seams.

Blockage. The presence of foreign objects or the accumulation of grease will restrict and choke the pipe’s passageway.

Root Intrusion. Nearby shrubs and trees will try to get into the liquid nourishment your sewer line provides.

Collapsed, Broken, Offset or Cracked Pipes. These can all happen as the soil shifts and as the ground naturally moves.

Off-Grade Pipes. Outdated material is used, or substandard pipes that are already corroded and/or deteriorated before installation.

Leaking Joints. The seal joining two linear pipes are worn out, allowing the flow of water to escape through the opening.

The CIPP Procedure

CIPP, or cured in place pipelining is a trenchless method of repairing your broken sewer lines in DeKalb, IL. The sewer pipes that are located under the ground are first cleaned of any debris, scales and dirt to increase the chances of trenchless technology success.

The broken sewer pipe is inspected via an advanced camera system that provides real-time images sent to a computer or laptop. Vital repair information such as the pipe diameter and total length are recorded. Then, our plumbers measure the appropriate liner length and infuse it with a special epoxy resin. The liner is inserted via a small access point and fed through the piping system. A curing process makes the liner harden. The liner assumes the shape and structure of the old pipe while laying a foundation of better piping material once cured. After 3 hours, the sewer system can be turned back on and used.

Sewer Pipe Bursting Procedure

Pipe bursting is often the second option for a Dekalb trenchless sewer replacement when the CIPP procedure is not applicable. When there’s little left of the old pipe, the liner won’t have anything to attach itself with. The trenchless technology of pipe bursting puts a whole new pipe along the same line as with the old pipe location.

A pipe bursting head is attached at the front of the new pipe. It forces the old pipes to fragment and to be sent into the surrounding soil. As the bursting head powers through, the new line is pulled along, assuming the position and the task left behind by the old pipe. The end result is a seamless replacement process that saves you significant time and money.

Why dig up your property with traditional sewer line repairs and replacements when you can just dig one or two access points, then go from there? The trenchless technology is sure to save you time, effort and money. Call us at (844) NO DIG 84 for a free estimate now!