Sewer Repair DeKalb, IL

Trenchless pipe burstingIt’s true that sewer line issues can cause significant problems for you and your family. Drains back up due to the following common causes- blockage of hair, soap, toothpaste, solid wastes and bones from food. Sometimes there’s calcified deposits that build up over the course of many years. The clog prevents optimal water flow; if ignored, your sewer system can cause massive disruption on day to day matters. Trenchless technology has been available for 20 years and the effects are wonderful. Any residential or commercial owner can have his or her sewer lines repaired at a fraction of the price and time as what it would take for conventional plumbing repairs to be done at the same time.


The Cured in Place Pipelining is an innovative method that resolves sewer pipe issues by repairing the pipe with a special epoxy resin lining. Our plumbers can work from the top to access the ailing drain in commercial establishments for vertical vent stacks. If the pipe system was installed horizontally, then a small access point can be dug to get to the problem line.

An advanced camera inspection is carried out by our expert plumbers to determine the exact cause of why your sewer lines back up. The inspection also serves a purpose to see if the pipe lining process is the appropriate method of trenchless repair. There are different liners for different issues, i.e., for cold and hot water, pressurized water, potable water, etc.

When the proper solution is determined and everything is agreed upon, our technicians start the work. They will insert a special liner saturated with special resin material is pulled into, or inverted into the problem pipe. Air or water pressure forces the liner to assume the old pipe’s shape, making it harden and create a pipe within the old structure.

You can resume normal operation once the trenchless repair is completed. Aside from that, you get a stronger, more durable and jointless pipe material without having to excavate your precious lawn, yard or garden.

Pipe Bursting

If the sewer lines that connect your home to the municipal sewer lines haven’t been replaced, then it’s most likely that the materials are old and are falling apart in some places. They are normally made from materials such as clay, cast iron or a material called orangeburg. These pipes could fall away in large section and create huge cavities where a liner may not be able to effectively repair. In these cases, the trenchless method of pipe bursting can be employed.

A bursting head leads the charge in the Dekalb sewer repair process. The head has a larger diameter than the original pipe; when the new pipe is pulled along the line, the head breaks the old pipe and sends the fragment into the surrounding soil. The end result is a new HDPE pipe that can last for more than 50 years. The trenchless solution effectively saves your landscape from unnecessary excavation, which in turn saves you money instead of added labor hours and renting heavy equipment.

Our Sewer Repair DeKalb, IL utilizes the best of trenchless technology for all your sewer repair or replacement needs in the DeKalb area. We offer our excellent plumbing services on all residential and commercial properties, including building and industrial facilities and office establishments. Call us now at (844) NO DIG 84 and see how we can help save you time and money with trenchless technology.