Sewer Repair Aurora IL

The words “sewer repair” are enough to cause a mini-panic among homeowners in Aurora, IL. It brings forward images of dug up backyards, haggling with plumbers to finish the repair work quickly, and counting precious dollars spent. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We at American Trenchless offer panic-free sewer repair solutions.

Signs your pipes need sewer repair

If homeowners detect the early warnings of a sewer problem, they can save good time and money by hiring a plumber at the right time. Look out for the following tell-tale signs that your sewer pipes need repair:

Slow Flowing Drains

If the water takes a lot of time to drain from the sink, then there is a good chance that sewer pipes are clogged with oil, hair, soap suds, or even traces of junk.

Rotting Smells

Rotting smell coming from drains is a double nuisance. It’s aesthetically unpleasing and there’s a great chance that your pipes are almost clogged. When food particles get stuck in the sewer pipes, they eventually start rotting and emanate a horrible smell.

Gurgling Toilet

A gurgling toilet indicates that there is air trapped inside the sewer pipes. This is usually because something solid is blocking the gas venting system. The only place for the trapped air to move is towards the toilet bowl.

Higher Sewer Bill

If you keep getting a higher than normal sewer bill, it means your sewers are leaking somewhere. You may not even notice it for a long time.

Seepage in your walls

If walls near your kitchen sinks or bathroom toilets have water stains on them, call a plumber for an inspection.

Tips for Sewer Pipe Maintenance

Sewer Pipes become clogged because of improper drain use. Take care of your sewer pipes with these expert tips:

  • Watch what you pour down your drains. Sewer pipes are designed to only pass water. Before washing dishes, throw away the small bones and other food particles in the dustbin.
  • Reduce the pressure in your pipes. Too much pressure adds stress to the pipes and joints. Hire a plumber to install a pressure reducer if the pressure in your pipe is above 85 psi.
  • Frequently flush baking soda and hot water in your drain pipes. It helps in removing grease, oil, and other gunk stuck in the pipes.
  • Avoid too much use of store-bought drain cleaners. These contain harsh chemicals that limit the life of your sewer pipes.

Sewer Pipe Repair Process

With the advancement in technology, sewer pipe repair has become very easy. Your plumber doesn’t have to dig through your house to locate the problem source. When you hire us to repair your sewer, we come with the most experienced and professional technicians.

Our technicians perform a preliminary inspection of your home. For this, we use a sewer camera to inspect the inside of your sewer pipes. Sewer cameras help determine the accurate problem source, thus eliminating guesswork and saving time. After an initial inspection, our technicians go through the entire scenario with you, laying down the best options for the repair process.

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