Sewer Pipe Relining DeKalb, IL

Sewer Pipe ReliningSewer pipes breaking is not something that happens every day. But when it happens, it can be scary. Flushing starts making unusual noises, all drains becomes slow or, worse, you detect a gassy smell that won’t go away. But honestly, you probably think those are the least of your problems. It is dealing with it that you imagine will cause you a big headache. Now, not only do you have to deal with wasted water not having a functional pipe to flow through —and all that implies—the repairing process feels like it cannot be easy. Fortunately, American Trenchless Technology’s sewer pipe relining service makes things simpler for DeKalb’s residents.

Aging Sewer Lines

The problem with sewer pipes is that they last for so long —decades—that we forget that, like anything else, they get damaged over time. Some materials are better than others at withstanding the effects of aging, but in general, all pipes built before the 1980s are already wearing out.

How durable your sewer pipes are will depend on the material they are made of and how much use they get. But in general, most people do not know what material their sewer pipes are made of. Fortunately, the City of DeKalb’s website has a section where you can learn what material your sewer and water service lines are made of. You can download a PDF with a list of each address in the city—the list is completely anonymous as it contains no names—along with the pipe’s material and the date it was installed.

According to this document, all DeKalb’s water pipes are made from copper, lead or galvanized pipe. The oldest pipes were installed in the mid 1940’s, and the newest ones in the early 2000’s. However, most were built in the 1960’s.

Sewer pipes start showing signs of deterioration after 30 years or so. After 40 years, they are already working overtime. And that is a risk.

Best Sewer Pipe Replacement Method

The best pipe replacement method for aging sewer lines is not replacing, but relining. Sewer pipe relining is a faster, and more effective solution that is clean and leaves you with a new pipe that is better than whatever you had before. The process involves creating a new pipe inside the existing sewer line. This is a trenchless process, which means you do not have to deal with heavy machinery around your home or office, and the service disruption will last hours, not days.

Sewer pipe relining is also better because is it a smarter investment when you consider that you are renewing your entire sewer system at a fraction of the time, and adding more functional decades to your plumbing lines.

Sewer Pipe Relining for DeKalb, IL

Relining your aging sewer pipes is the best solution for your money and your peace. The process takes hours, not days. It gives you a brand new sewer line, not the same old with a few patches. Relining adds decades to your plumbing system, not years. And it is safe with the environment, instead of having to dig out harmful gases into the air stream.

Get in touch with us now and ask for American Trenchless Technology’s sewer pipe relining service. You will be amazed at how easy the process is.