Sewer Camera Inspection DeKalb, IL

Sewer InspectionThere are a lot of elements to consider when maintaining your storm drains and sewer lines. The effort to keep it in optimal condition is essential for an efficient and smooth day-to-day operation. As such, immediate repairs and Sewer Camera Inspection DeKalb, IL must be done as soon as the sewer line problem presents itself.

Trenchless technology and the advent of slim, high-tech camera equipment has made plumbing jobs much faster and more efficient than ever. DeKalb, IL residential and commercial property owners will appreciate the fact that there are now trenchless repair and replacement services that make use of an innovative, no dig technique in combination with the latest plumbing equipment.

How A Sewer Camera Inspection Works

A state-of-the-art fiber optic camera is fed down a sewer or water line. The rod is flexible and can go on corners; at the same time, the camera provides a real-time relay of the overall condition of your sewer pipes. Our plumbers can show you the video and take stock of the sewer pipe problems happening inside.

Our professional technicians can properly evaluate your sewer pipe problem and the extent of its damage. We will be able to determine whether your pipes are damaged due to root intrusion, cracking, leaking, have been improperly installed or in need of cleaning. The video inspection can still be used after the repairs or replacements are done to ensure the job is done in the proper manner. For CIPP procedures, a thorough video inspection is made so that we can see if the epoxy resin liner has solidified properly inside the affected pipe. From there, the new “pipe within a pipe” should last for 50 years or more.

Major Advantages

Accuracy. Avoid wasting precious time and get to the root of the problem accurately and without delay. You can avoid guesswork if you opt for a Dekalb sewer camera inspection. Our technicians will be able to formulate the proper trenchless solution to fix your sewer line problem.

An Educated Buying Decision. You can use sewer camera inspections to get a state of what the current piping network looks like before buying or selling property. The buyer and the seller won’t be misled and it paves the road for you to make well-informed choices.

No Digging. Residential and commercial property owners won’t have to have plumbers dig up large tracts of their land to fix their sewer or water mains.

Save Time. When the problem is detected via sewer line inspection, an immediate solution can be presented on-site, which is often implemented right on the same day.

Save Money. There won’t be heavy machinery to excavate your lawn, yard or garden to fix your pipes. You won’t have to hire a landscape technician to put everything back the way it was before.

Regular inspections can detect problems before they become a complicated matter. Professional Sewer Camera Inspection DeKalb, IL can help you maintain a properly functioning sewer or water main system. You gain all the benefits, which include excellent flow of water, no leaks and no blockages of any kind. It’s easy to get a Dekalb sewer line inspection. All you need to do is call us at (844) NO DIG 84 and we’ll have your sewer or water main inspected right away.