Sewer Camera Inspection Arlington Heights, IL

Sewer Inspection Arlington Heights has the reputation of being the most populated area that has been incorporated as a village. Also, this area has a majority of its homes built in the 50s up to the 70s, and therefore has a larger chance of having a damaged pipeline as compared to the more modern houses. It is the goal of American Trenchless Technologies to save residential and commercial properties the problems they might have when faced with an ailing sewer pipe via a Sewer Camera Inspection Arlington Heights, IL. Here’s how we check sewer lines for any kind of sewer problem, and help home and business owners deal with it for good.

How a Sewer Inspection is Completed on Residential and Commercial Pipelines

Step 1. A high-tech, compact camera is inserted into the sewer pipes for an initial inspection. All the lines are checked, running from your home down to the main municipal system.

Step 2. The camera snakes its way into the pipes while feeding clear visual images to a laptop computer or a compatible mobile device. These images can be stored and used for later.

Step 3. A computer monitor shows the camera live feed. Our experienced plumbers report all the details of the inspection to the home or business owner. If there’s anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, the property owners will know. Trenchless technology is then recommended for an excellent and efficient fix. Otherwise, the sewer lines are closed and the inspection is marked as passing.

Dealing With and Preventing Future Problems in Your Sewer Lines

Several specific sewer or water main problems may persist for your residential or commercial property. Over time, these minor problems become major ones. We recommend having a sewer or water main inspection Arlington Heights whenever you notice an issue with your pipe lines.

Don’t hesitate having repairs done on your sewer lines for fear of trench digging and excavations ruining your front yard. Trenchless technology is here and it won’t alter your landscape in any way. Technological and advancements in the plumbing industry have made sewer line repairs and replacements a painless, no dig affair. You can save your yard, front lawn or garden from unwanted destruction.

Our licensed technicians are dedicated to doing the sewer camera inspection right the first time. We can inspect any length or depth of your pipe to get down to the root of the problem. Our high tech equipment and our years of experience can detect the issue accurately. If there are corrosion, backing up, grease buildup, collapsed or broken pipes, blockages or root intrusion, we’ll know. From here, we’ll be able to diagnose and recommend the best type of trenchless repair or replacement method to get your sewer line back to optimal working condition.

A thorough Arlington Heights Sewer Camera Inspection will determine the best course of action for your damaged sewer pipes. If you don’t have the time to waste, or if you want your precious landscape preserved, then come to us for a quick, efficient inspection. We can identify the issue in just under an hour. Call (844) NO DIG 84 for a free estimate today. Learn how trenchless technology can repair or replace your broken sewer or water lines and make it last for more than 50 years!