Drain Cleaning DeKalb, IL

Drain CleaningFew things are more annoying than dealing with a clogged drain. But if it was just an annoyance, it probably would not matter much. The problem is that if a drain pipe is left without proper maintenance, what was a simple clog that only slowed down flow, eventually will completely block the pipe. That is why a periodic drain cleaning service will keep your plumbing system in great shape. The reason is that the plumbing system is all interconnected. What looks like just the kitchen sink is connected to the toilets, other sinks, shower and the drainpipes. So if one part of the plumbing system is clogged, the rest of the system will suffer it.

What Goes Down the Drains

Everything you flush down the drain goes ends up in the city’s sewer lines. Often times things like grease, hair, and soap scum are rinsed down the drains. These items will stick to the interior surfaces of the pipes, and after a while they will build up enough to clog the pipe. The result is slow draining, water contamination, and even the backup of raw sewage directly into the property.

As frustrating as that can be it is even worse at commercial and industrial buildings. In that situation clogged drains can shut down a business until they are fixed. Blockages in the plumbing pipes can also make people sick due to water contamination.

Once again, it’s bad enough if that occurs at your home. If it happens at a building that you own then you are not only responsible for fixing the problem, but also for any damage that it causes to your workers or tenants.

Another nightmare scenario is the backup of raw sewage into your residential property. We never want you to deal with such a nasty experience. In fact, breathing in the fumes and coming into direct contact can cause serious health hazards. In a commercial or industrial situation it is even worse on the property owner. The cost of a proper cleanup can be exorbitant. Not to mention that you are liable if any of your tenants become ill. In order to avoid these problems plumbing industry experts suggest that you schedule a professional drain cleaning on a monthly basis. The procedure is fast, and cost effective.

Drain Cleaning in DeKalb, IL

American Trenchless Technology specializes in drain cleaning services for our customers in DeKalb, Illinois and surrounding areas. Our company prides itself on being professional at all times. All of our field technicians have multiple years of experience and are also trained in the latest plumbing technologies. We can offer you a preventative maintenance plan that fits your needs, and is based around your schedule. American Trenchless Technology is licensed and insured in the state of Illinois.

Please contact us for further information or to schedule a drain cleaning service that is second to none. When you hire American Trenchless Technology you will see the difference. We look forward to hearing from you.