Drain Cleaning Aurora, IL

A clogged sink or a backed-up toilet is a nightmare for all of us.  Nobody wants to have to deal with the aftermath of a blocked drain. That is why it is so important to maintain your drains by cleaning them periodically to ensure they are clear of buildup and debris. The smartest choice to get your drains cleared is to call American Trenchless Technology. We are here to keep your water and waste flowing freely and smoothly.

Maintain your pipes

Here in Aurora, Illinois we are proud of our beautiful and historical city. But an aging city also comes with an aging sewer system and deteriorating pipes. We’ve been hit with increased water rates since 2011 as part of a federal mandate to improve the city’s combined sewer system.  

Not only are the city’s main pipes in need of attention, but so are the ones in your home and on your property. Avoid unnecessary financial burden by maintaining your sewer drains and getting them cleaned by our trained professionals here at American Trenchless Technology.

A step above the rest

If you experience drain or pipe problems in your home most companies will come and use a drain snake or harmful chemicals to “clean” your pipes. In most cases, a drain snake is not sufficient in cleaning heavy buildup or root intrusion and you empty your wallet but are left with recurrent drain issues.  

Chemicals used by plumbers are often harmful to the environment and can corrode and break down the pipe’s integrity over time. When you call American Trenchless Technology, we will come and first inspect the pipe with a small video camera to determine the problem and locate the point of blockage. From there we will use a hydro-jetting technique to clean your pipes.

Our advanced technique

Hydro-jetting is a far better alternative to drain snakes or chemicals. The procedure consists of placing a hose with a metal nozzle in the clogged pipe and pumping water through the hose at an extremely high pressure. The water pressure from the hose is strong enough to break free any debris or buildup that is creating the blockage and preventing your pipes from draining correctly.  

Hydro-jetting can even bust through roots that may have intruded into your pipes.  Traditional techniques used by other plumbers just can’t perform at the level of effective drain cleaning that American Trenchless Technology can. If we do a video inspection of a drain inside your home and do not find the issue, we are also equipped to inspect and clean outdoor drains and pipes.  

Before we begin the process of cleaning, we want to make sure we know where the problem lies so that you aren’t paying for unnecessary labour costs that most other companies will charge.

Don’t wait, call now!

Your pipes will last longer if you maintain them and keep them clean. We want to help you maintain your pipes and make sure that you do not have to deal with the headache of backups or even a more serious drain issue in the future. Our service at American Trenchless Technology is fast, effective, professional, and will leave you with a sense of relief. We are on your side and want to keep you and your pipes happy so call us today!