Drain Cleaning Arlington Heights, IL

Drain Cleaning pipesPeople deal with slow draining in their laundry rooms and kitchens all the time. It is so common that these problems are perceived as minor annoyances that are easily ignored. However, when the problem stops being just an annoyance and becomes a major problem like backflowing and property flooding, you cannot ignore it anymore. That is why for residents of Arlington Height in Illinois, drain cleaning will ensure you never have to experience drain problems.

Having a reliable plumbing company such as American Trenchless Technologies is a blessing as both residential and commercial property owners will be able to protect their valuable assets and prevent damage to the surrounding environment.

Drain Maintenance

The humble drain is often overlooked, yet it’s one of the things we use everyday at every hour at home and at work. When drains stop working at full capacity, the reason is a lack of cleaning, and it shows in slow-draining water, overflowing toilets, unexplained floodings in your yard and backed up sewer lines. But you can prevent all this if you call qualified technicians to take care of your drain before anything major happens. Drain cleaning should not be just for emergencies.

Skip the DIY Process

Most homeowners will try to fix a clogged drain as it reveals itself. They will run to the nearest store and buy chemicals that melt the materials blocking the drain pipes. Other DIY solutions are using a plumbing snake and an auger, a drain cleaning solution or a plunger that may mask the problem, but if the drain needs cleaning, a plunger won’t do it. The clogs that are found deep within the sewer system will need more than just a plunger and some drain cleaning solutions.

You would think those drain cleaners should be able to flush out the blocking material away from the drain pipes and into the sewer system. The truth is, these solutions only partially clear some of the clogged portions. The rest would continue to cling as they allow for wastewater to pass through. They would accumulate, and the drain problem will present itself again soon. Cleaners may look like drain problem saviors, but they are temporary solutions that are harmful to your drain pipes and the environment. These solutions can accelerate corrosion in your pipes and do significant damage to the environment.

American Trenchless Technologies responds quickly to emergency sewer line problems to save our customers time and precious resources. Our qualified technicians are well-trained in the latest trenchless technologies concerning pipe repair and replacement.

We use the green and efficient hydro-jetting process in cleaning your drains. This technology uses water pumped out at a high pressure to scour and clear the debris that is stuck in your sewer and drain lines. Regular hydro-jetting ensures your drainages are free from clogs that can cause significant drain problems in the future. Moreover, they are infinitely better than any of the traditional drain-clearing tools such as snakes and drain cleaning solutions.
Call us now and learn more about our green drain cleaning solutions. American Trenchless Technologies has the latest and the most advanced equipment for the most demanding drain cleaning jobs in Arlington Heights, IL.